Monday, 27 September 2010

Buff Breasted Bannished By Big Blue Chopper

Eshaness - Shetland -Buff Breasted Sandpiper & Lapland Bunting

Arrived at Eshaness later than i would have liked. Re checked the local patch for the White Thrush, but to no avail.
On arrival located the now three birds, but only had arround 20 minutes with them, when suddenly an Helicopter from one of the off shore rigs came closer, and closer.
Flying very low overhead.
The sandpipers took flight, following them with bins, they flew into the distance untill the spots bacame nothing.
Initialy I felt gutted, but then , if i had arrived half an hour later, they would have been gone.

After the suuden loss of the Buff breasts, I tried my luck on
some Lapland Buntings.
Part of a large influx, the largest ever recorded in Shetland.