Thursday, 8 October 2009

Two Arctic warbler's in one tree !

8th October 2009 Checked to find the Arctic Redpoll was still at Aith,I would like to thank Jim for finding this bird and allowing me to capture this image of a falling snow flake.
8 October 2009
Russ Haywood an excellent Shetland birder found a Arctic Warbler in Wester Quarf, then a few days later, two birds.
I was well pleased to experience the same two birds in the same tree.

Arctic Warbler

Arctic Warbler Lesser Whitethrought


Arctic Duo - 7th October 2009

7th October 2009

Bumped in to Dave Hall this morning,an old friend I had not seen in a while.
We headed for the Arctic Duo, Warbler and Redpoll.
The Arctic Redpoll showed as well as ever, but the Arctic Warbler showed,but well under cover.
However with patience,eventualy got the shot.
While at the warbler Russ haywood had found a Yellow browed Warbler,the most elusive ive known of this species,due to the local feline. Arctic Warbler

Arctic Warbler

Yellow Browed Warbler
Yellow Browed Warbler
Arctic Redpoll (or is it a snow flake)

Arctic Redpoll

7th October

More Arctic Redpoll - 6th October 2009

6th October 2009
The Aith Arctic Redpoll continued to feed in the same stuble field


6th October

Arctic Redpoll - 5th October 2009

5th October 2009
Jim Nicolson found a Hornnemans Arctic Redpoll at Aith ( Cunningsbrough).
The bird was in great condition. The bird seemed small compared to others I have seen,possibly a female?.

Autumn in full swing - 4th October 2009

4th OCTOBER 2009

The Veery and Pechora Pipit still on Whalsey.
Decided to return for the Veery for what could be the once in a lifetime encounter.
The wonderfull people of Whallsey gave me a first rate welcome.Because of repairs to the ferry terminal on the island, only foot passengers allowed onto the island. So I thought the chance to see the showy Pechora Pipit was once again out of the question. But Jason Atkinson a Whalsey birder offered to run me over to the other side of the island to give the bird a try.
The bird gave us supurb views. Many thanks to Jason, Whalsey Birders and residents.

Back at Symbister,intermitant views of the Veery,but still a superb day.