Friday, 24 September 2010

Warblers are not boring like ducks

Friday 24th September 2010

Another blustery day in the south mainland of Shetland.
Returned to Sumbrugh head and the relatively sheltered quarry.
A good mix of Warblers, including this Barred Warbler.

Well you know how i feel about warblers, and this Goldcrest
is no exception.
I have tried for a few years now to obtain them hovering.

and a smart Chiffchaff

Thursdayy 23rd September 2010
Warblers are my thing, they rarely just sit about, like boring ducks,they move around a lot like err warblers.
This Arctic Warbler was at Sumbrugh Head.
A smart example, with a rather thin neat Super, distinct grey nape, but just a feint wingbar on its left wing and non on the right.

Wednesday 22nd September

A chance encounter with a Snow Bunting

Tuesday 21st September

Obtaining images of Sanderlings is not all that difficult.
However they can look rather weird when frozen in time.
I tried for the fast moving bird, trying for the suspended look.