Thursday, 22 October 2009

Spotted Sandpiper

12th October 2009

This morning decided to catch up with a Spotted Sandpiper, near Queldale that had been found yesterday.
The bird was said to be difficult to locate,due its tendency to feed under the overhanging banks of the Burns.
Having walked the two interlinking Burns twice, a little dispondent,but decided to check the beach at the end of the main Burn.
Walking down onto the beach, nothing moving,then suddenly a Sandpiper flew from the far corner and on to some distant rocks, then around the cliffs to an adjacent bay.
That was the bird, but would it return?

The contrasty sea weed proved a contrasty problem.
But eventualy manged some images I was pleased with

In the afternoon went for a reported
Lancelated Warbler, again at Quendale.
No look , but did photograph this Greenfinch, a scarce migrant in Shetland.